Why Diamond Pendants Are Special

Diamond Pendants are the real enchanters of the diamond jewelry. They are the real winners when it comes to a first possession.  The best thing about these little pieces of stars is that it compliments almost all the attires: be it a professional business suit, a sundress, or even a ballroom gown, nothing beats the allure and charm of a dazzling diamond pendant.

These classy pieces of jewelry are a perfect gift for your loved ones for every occasion. The Pendants are available in numerous designs and cuts and we are here to help you choose the perfect one that complements her beauty.

Classy Solitaire:

An elegant classy round Solitaire pendant is the unmistakable choice for the woman of your dreams. You can always pair it up with a long rope chain.

Princess Cut:

For all the ladies who prefer being traditional and elegant, a princess cut solitaire diamond pendant is just the right choice. It can be paired with a sleek neck hugging cable link chain for that princess look.

Bezel Set Diamond Pendant:

A bezel set diamond pendant in a bead chain that rests just at the base of the throat is an elegant choice for your sassy ladylove.

Pear shaped diamond pendant:

A pear-shaped diamond pendant is perfect for the lady who stands out in the crowd and shines through the dullest moments of your life. Pair it with a long box chain to make it uniqueness stand out.

Halo Diamond Pendant:

A round brilliant solitaire diamond embedded around with smaller diamonds and attached with a platinum box chain is just the choicest of the choice for the woman who adores chic fashion statement.

A diamond is forever and it is just the right piece of heaven to serve as the symbol of your everlasting love and affection to your beloved.

Certified Diamonds GIA vs EGL

Whenever choosing a certified diamond, it is always in one’s interest to be completely informed about the purchase one is going to make. Though mostly a certified diamond is based on the 4C’s namely, cut, color, clarity, and carat, still it is of utmost importance to review the grading parameters of various laboratories. Generally, there is always a difference in grading parameters of different laboratories despite having the same color, carat, and even clarity.

The most popular laboratories that certify the loose diamonds are GIA (Gemological institute of America) and EGL (European Gemological Laboratory). When deciding on to which is the more reliable certification, one must consider certain aspects that are enlisted here:

  • GIA established in 1931 is a dominant authority in gemology. GIA has a boast-able staff of best Gemologists, diamond graders and instructors. It is located in almost all the major cities of the world and New York, Moscow, Osaka, Bangkok, Mumbai etc. are just a  few of the names. GIA has been the pioneer in assigning with standardized grading techniques. Some of the important services offered by GIA is laser inscription on diamonds, diamond grading based on 4C’s, educating diamond professionals and consumers of different aspect of diamonds.
  • EGL was founded in Europe in 1974. The EGL too is located in several big cities of various countries namely Antwerp, Paris, Johannesburg, Hong Kong etc. The EGL introduced grading techniques for diamonds weighing less than one carat and is accredited for ‘S13’ clarity rating for diamond.
  • Generally, it is suggested to select a GIA certified diamonds as they use uncompromising standards which are precise and uniform through various GIA locations. The grading standards of EGL vary from one location to other. As a result to this variation, GIA certified diamonds are considerably more valuable than EGL hence providing the customer of an assurance of worthy purchase.
  • Choosing an EGL certified diamond has its shares of benefits as well. An EGL certified diamond with the same grading of color and clarity will be less expensive as compared to a GIA certified diamond.

Story on a Tanzanite Pendant

A man came in to Luisa Graff Jewelers, with a pear cut Tanzanite gemstone he had bought 11 years ago in Tanzania. When he came back to the states, he kept it in a box waiting to find something special to do with it. Eleven years later, he finally found the perfect idea for it. The Air Force Ball was coming up and he thought it would be a perfect time to surprise his wife of 24 years with a pendant to wear to the ball. He came in the Saturday before the ball to create the perfect pendant with Brooke custom pear tanzand Nicole. In less than a week we had the Tanzanite, which had been sitting in a box for 11 years, back in his hands. The pear cut Tanzanite is now a beautiful drop pendant embellished in 10 karat two-tone, white and rose gold, with .62 carat weight round diamonds.

It was a pleasure working with you and Luisa Graff Jewelers hope you had a fabulous time at the Air Force Ball!

Learning All About The Custom Jewelry Design Process

The last time I had any interaction with learning all about the custom jewelry design process I was 12 years old, we were at summer camp and our materials with leather straps and sea shells. Since then, the thought of custom jewelry design never really crossed my mind. I don’t buy a lot of jewelry in the first place, I don’t think I’m the most creative person in general so I wouldn’t be too hot at creating custom design jewelry and if weren’t leather and shells, then it would be diamonds and pearls, all of which sounded far too expensive for my tastes.

It was actually while visiting my son’s middle school that I first heard about jewelry design again. He was enrolled in a computer lab that focused on computer aided design. His teacher was listing off a range of services that computers provided, and he caught my attention when he said custom jewelry design. I didn’t interrupt him at the time but later when the tour was over, I asked him, just to be sure I had heard him right.

He said that it was because of computers that custom design jewelry had made such a comeback. Instead of having to build models of the custom jewelry, which took time and cost money, an artisan could create a 3-D model in just a matter of minutes. Once the design was done and it was clear the piece could actually be made, the artisan would get started. In the end, all of the advances of computer aided design in the world of custom jewelry design has made it almost as affordable as regular mass produced jewelry.

I kept thinking all about the custom jewelry design process for a while, not really sure why it kept coming back to me, when one of my nephews told me over lunch that he was thinking about proposing to his girlfriend and was having a hard time deciding on the type of ring he should get. I mentioned custom jewelry design and when he said he had never heard of the process before, I just smiled and said, “Well, let your Aunt tell you all about it.” By the time lunch was over, he decided that the engagement ring was going to be one he designed specifically for his girlfriend.

Vintage and Floral Engagement Rings

Vintage and floral engagement rings continue to be crowd-pleasers and a favorite among all fashion groups.

Perhaps it is the intricacy of the past eras exuding ever-lasting romance and stability that attracts such a large number of couples to this style. Vintage rings have much more going on than modern, minimalistic designs and despite their beautiful designs are usually much less expensive.

True vintage rings are also ecologically sound – contributing neither to consumption of limited resources nor to mining through unfair means.

Dues to them being mostly one-of-a-kind, vintage and floral rings make for intimate, unique engagement rings.

Diamond Engagement Rings 10

When buying vintage or floral rings, enquire about karat of the gold and the weight and size of the stone(s).  Check the stones for flaws and chipping and ask the jeweler for details about any restorations performed on the ring, if any.

Following closely into the steps on the recent deviation from customary, getting a floral engagement ring is cool, desirable and a good investment. Getting something off beat also increases your chances of finding something that truly represents you and your ideas. If you think vintage rings more closely capture the essence of you being yourself, hop onto the bandwagon!

Not only is a floral engagement ring unique in style, it is also much more romantic and affectionate – symbolic of a powerful yet well-balanced love.

You may also get engravings, if you choose so, to make it even more intimate. In a time when the market is overpopulated by things that look like clones of each other, take the next step in personal fashion by getting something that’s truly personal to you and your significant other.

With the right balance between craftsmanship, traditional art and a modern outlook, your best choice will definitely be Luisa Graff Jewelers. There is simply no scarcity of designs, styles and cuts at the store. Choose from amongst the best in contemporary and traditional designs and the highest in quality.

Luisa Graff delivers some of the most desirable designs and definitely the best diamonds in Colorado Springs. With an unsurpassed expertise and the most brilliant craftsmanship, Luisa Graff Jewelers is an independent jeweler you simply cannot ignore. Shop now and get the best deals on engagement rings.


Coleman and Heather’s Love Story

Coleman and Heather met here in Colorado Springs while running at the Jack Quinn’s Tuesday Running Club and eating two dollar pizza at Old Chicago’s. Heather is originally from Washington, but moved here after working at a summer camp here in Colorado Springs. Coleman is from Chicago, and moved here after visiting his brother and fell in love with Colorado Springs. They were hanging out for three months before Heather left to go to Italy for the summer, and they did not know what was going to happen. They decided to try out a long distance relationship and they made it work, to no surprise!

15442279_1205426482868360_3925465713628325926_nA couple months ago Coleman and Heather came into Luisa Graff Jewelers to shop engagement rings. Once Heather had her favorite style of rings picked out, Coleman had her go look at other items of jewelry so he could do the rest. 

Coleman and Heather hardly ever have a day off together, so one night they decided they should go on a trip to Estes Park the next day for a hike. That same night Heather’s roommate asked Heather to watch the show Friends and to paint their fingernails together. Heather did not think anything of it because girls paint their fingernails all the time.

The next morning Coleman and Heather were on the road to Estes Park. When they arrived at the area they were going to hike, it was all dead and muddy, so they went into the travel 15350533_1186897788054563_5628157847339507477_ncenter and asked where was a beautiful place to hike. The travel center pointed them in the direction of a four-mile hike with a couple lakes along the trail. About a quarter mile left on the hike, Coleman suggested they take a “selfie” over by the lookout.  While at the lookout, Coleman said “Oh look at the clouds”. Heather thought this was absurd but did it anyway. When she turned around she saw Coleman on one knee asking her to “Marry Me”. Heather was so thrilled that she could barely contain her excitement and continued the excitement by skipping back down the trail.

Congratulations, Coleman and Heather! We are so happy to be a part of your beautiful love story!


Ms. Virginia’s Custom Design

IMG_0705Ms. Virginia came in looking to customize a very special pendant from her mothers and her wedding ring. Her family thought the ring had been lost but while looking through her mother’s belonging they found it. Ms. Virginia wanted to come up with something that could be passed down from generation to generation. Her daughter in-law suggested the infinity sign, because it is a sign of forever love. The yellow gold and diamonds are from her mother’s original wedding ring and the white gold is from Ms. Virginia’s wedding ring. The sapphire was added by Ms. Virginia, since her birthstone is in September and she wanted something extra to commemorate her life. Thank you Ms. Virginia for this beautiful story and letting us help you make a beautiful heirloom for generations to come!

Cody and Diana’s Engagement

Congratulations Cody and Diana on your engagement! Cody and Diana met while going to West Point, in New York, at a banquet. Diana was actually at the banquet with Cody’s roommate, they were introduced to each other, and the rest is history.

IMG_0733Cody came in earlier this summer looking at rings with our Assistant Sales Manager, Brooke. Before Cody came in he had looked at Diana Pinterest page so he had an idea of what style if ring she loved. Cody and Brooke spent two hours finding the perfect ring to propose to the love of his life. In August, Cody and Diana went to Seven Falls, where Cody had staged a friend to hide and wait for the perfect moment to take pictures of the proposal. Cody had Diana looking over at the falls to distract her while he got down on one knee. He asked her to turn around and when she did she immediately started crying and said “Yes”. Congratulations again, Cody and Diana.



Have you seen a pair of Garnets with such a deep red, almost like a Ruby? Luisa’s Hidden Treasure of the Week is this exquisite pair of red rectangle cushion Garnet earrings. The way they dangle gives a more eye catching look and brings attention to the face. The diamonds swirl and sparkle above, to also bring attention to the Garnet and frame the face. Come in and get these amazing one of a kind earrings for only $249.00!